Msd power grid installation

Micro USB is the same type of connector many cell phones use which do indeed get a lot of use day in and day out, but in a race car where space is not as limited, a full size USB Connector would have been much better.

MSD will not repair the port as the unit is potted. There is no simple way to repair this ignition, if it's damaged it must be replaced, so it'll pay to be careful working with it. If you have a "charging only" cable, that may not work as those may not include all the wires needed.

msd power grid installation

One cable that I've used that works well is the StarTech. These cables are available in both left and right angle Micro USB Styles, choose which side you want the cable to exit. If you want to minimize the wear on your programming port, you can mount the cable semi-permanently, for example the photo above.

MSD Power Grid System Controllers 7730

This uses the cable from Startech. I ground a slot in the side of the plug to allow the cable to exit with the plug inserted. On the inside of the plug you'll see a ridge that is intended to keep the MicroSD Card in place, you'll also have to grind a slot at the front of that ridge for the cable to cross so that you can fully insert the plug.

MSD does not recommend running the ignition with the cable plugged in, however many racers use it this way to avoid ruining their ignition box from repeated use of the Micro USB connector. It does make sense to route the USB cable away from likely sources of ignition noise to avoid problems with RF interference. Tired of trying to view your laptop in the sun while programming your Grid? I've used this cable for several years now and had real good luck with it. It's long enough to stretch from the inside of the trailer out to the car to extend the USB cable to a very handy length.

Make sure to plug this cable into your laptop while you have an Internet connection in case Windows wants to install a driver for it. I've had no issues with Windows identifying the cable and automatically installing it. You might not have Internet at the track, so do it before you leave. That's a LONG cable for sure, it'll let you easily reach to the car from inside the trailer without issue. I've used this cable for two seasons so far without any issues, it's very handy if you want to leave your laptop in the trailer.

These are getting somewhat hard to find as few people have a use for such as small memory card.

MSD Power Grid Troubleshooting Notes

This card will need the partition changed in order to drop the size down to be formatted to the FAT file system. MSD has really stepped up with this new feature. It's basically a strip chart recorder that will record data in real time. In the screen shot above, you can see the traces where I had activated the Line Lock burnout input and transbrake launch input.

This can be very handy if you're trying to troubleshoot things by yourself. You can also save the strip chart to a CSV file, and then later reload it into the Monitor Plot window! Cool eh? The software records events 10 times per second, while not super fast, it's good enough to be very useful. Clicking on that will pop open the Monitor window. Just like the previous Gauge monitors tab, you have to check what data you want to view on the screen with the Monitor Tab.

Finally, recent versions have a new green import settings button. This works in conjunction to an export feature listed in the File Menu. This allows you to export settings for example you can export your General Settings Tab, then import it later if you want.

The biggest value of this tool is when working with curves, for example you can export your launch retard curve from one file, open a new file and import that curve without having to rebuild it. There's even more copy and paste capability too. Now you can copy a curve, like a launch retard curve, then paste it into another window. This can be very handy!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small kickback if you make a purchase using some of these links, or the ads on these pages. This money, what little there is, gets put back into maintaining and operating this website.Note: This page is a work in progess, I'm adding tips here as I run across them. With the power turned on in the car, the engine off and no computer connection, you should see a blinking green light on the Power Grid's LED indicator.

With a normally functioning Power Grid Ignition, with your laptop plugged into the box and the MSD View software running, you should be able to see your full battery voltage in the battery voltage monitor when the ignition is turned on. If that voltage is low, or zero, the ignition obviously won't run, and that can be caused by a number of issues.

Some of which might be below. When using the "Check for upgrade" option in the MSD View software, the response is "No upgrade available", but you know there is a more recent firmware version available. He was able to resolve the problem by going back to revision 4. While it's unclear why he ran into this issue when many other people are using version 4. X and 4. Just a note to pay close attention if you're formatting your own Micro SD cards and experience this problem.Quick Links.

Download this manual. Table of Contents. Registering your product. Go to www. When disconnecting, always remove. Note: A crank trigger is recommended to supply the input signal to the Power Grid Ignition System to. The high speed controller can make extremely quick updates to the ignition output. The circuits and controller of. Ignition Control, PN This is a high output CD ignition control.

The Ignition System allows for the System. Controller to be mounted on top of the Power Grid-7 to save space and provide a neat, compact installation.

Pro-Mag series. In order to use the rev limiting features of the System Controller the paired ignition must. Pages show wiring diagrams. The Ignition System allows for the System Controller to be mounted on top of the Power Grid-7 to save space and provide a neat, compact installation. It is only used when adding Power Grid Modules Page 4 While using the program, hover the mouse over a Function to display a brief explanation.

Page 5 Safety Limiter when timer reaches 0 seconds. If connected. Launch Delay: The amount of time in seconds after the launch that the system will ignore an rpm drop to prevent false shift detection. The map specifies the actual engine timing. The Power Grid will retard the input trigger to obtain the correct engine timing.

The maximum timing reference must be set properly for correct engine timing. This value will always be a positive number, regardless of whether advance or retard is desired. From Gear: This setting determines from which gear the timing change will become active. If gear one is selected the timing change will be active at all times unless a delay is used.

Page 9: Rev Limiter 0. To do this, simply enter the amount of timing retard desired and the length of time the retard should be active for each shift. Each trace can be disabled individually in order to remove unneeded traces and generate smaller files. The Ignition In channel and the Ignition Out channel are high resolution and they generate the most amount of data at high engine rpm. If there are any errors or other causes of alert, the LED on the front of the controller will show red.

Any time the red light shows the alerts should be checked so that errors can be corrected. Page 13 SDCard. Any modifications to this item or if it is used on an application other than what MSD markets the product, the warranty will be void. This manual is also suitable for: Print page 1 Print document 17 pages. Cancel Delete.Primarily it runs in an 8. The car sports a ci big block Chevy engine on spray.

It has carried Jon to a championship or two in its day and for that reason it makes this the perfect vehicle to test the PowerGrid out on. Simply because the car is a known quantity in this equation, performance differences can be attributed to the performance of the motor, vis a vis the ignition. We were interested to see just how easy this system is to install and how user friendly it is once it was ready to use.

Running an index class, like he does, Jon needs to be able to tweak and tune the car between rounds in order to keep himself tight to the number. While this combo worked, the PowerGrid was supposed to blow it out of the water with respect to speed, ease of use, and tuneability. For compact mounting, the sysetm controller screws directly onto the ignition control box.

MSD 7730 Installation Instructions Manual

It should be noted that the system controller will worth with all MSD legacy ignitions! You do not need to buy both pieces if you alreay have a box in your car. Jon made up a simple mount for the passenger side footwell. This is where the PowerGrid unit would eventually be mounted.

Wth the mount…errr…mounted, we set to mounting the controller on the ignition box and soldering some pins on the provided lead wires so we could hook up our plugs from the various ignition pieces on the car. MSD provides great instructions with respect to the wiring of the PowerGrid. The instructions tell what each wire on every plug powers or monitors, as well as walking the user through the programming and use of each of the many functions that this system provides.

With a few minutes of soldering behind us, we moved to mount the PowerGrid into the car. This was a complicated as tightening four screws down. It took about 30 seconds. Again, the guidelines and direction given in the install instructions are great and include a chart to diagnose what color wires belong where.

Becuase the PowerGrid is compatible with CAN-Bus wiring, you can further ease the installation by using single wire CAN-bus style plugs that simply plug into a central hub strip.

This negates the need for any soldering of pins and compatible plugs. If you go the CAN-bus route, your install will be even quicker than ours, which came in at right about an hour. So, with the physical installation out of the way, it was now time for the fun, playing with the PowerGrid!

Jon had previously loaded the software onto his laptop, and in addition he loaded the parameters of his normal tune up in as well.

msd power grid installation

With that in mind, when it came time for electronic tomfoolery, all we had to do was connect the USB cable from the computer to the PowerGrid, and press a single button to load all the ignition parameters into the PowerGrid.

There was ZERO delay, meaning that when we clicked the button to send the info into the ignition it happened as quickly as we could push the button.

No delay, nothing. If you have ever thrashed to the last second in the pits at the drags, you know why it is a big deal. Every second counts. The car fired right off. We checked the timing and everything was exactly where it should have been. At that point we turned into 10 year old kids and started playing with the buttons and features of the PowerGrid!

In these first two photos, you can see a couple of the first screens we used. The first to connect to the PowerGrid and the second to send the tune up into the ignition. We almost wish this stuff were more complicated to make ourselves feel smarter, but MSD really did a good job by making it easy for dummies like us. This screen also shows one of the neat functions, which is the ability to control individual cylinder timing.Quick Links.

Download this manual. Table of Contents. Registering your product. Go to www. When disconnecting, always remove. Controller, PN This Ignition system is designed for racing applications; it is not for sale for legal. Primary Voltage: — volts. Secondary Voltage: 50, volts plus. RPM Range: 15, rpm with Voltage Required: 12 — 18 volts, Negative Ground.

Weight and Size: 2. The MSD can be used with 18 volt batteries and can withstand a momentary The Ignitions will deliver full voltage with a supply of 10 - 18 volts and.

If the engine is cranked with the same battery or other accessories such as an electric fuel or water.

If you. The MSD can be used with 18 volt batteries and can withstand a momentary 24 volts in case of jump starts. The Ignitions will deliver full voltage with a supply of 10 - 18 volts and will operate with a supply voltage as low as five volts. Page 2: Miscellaneous Information 5 wire is induced into 7 detonation could occur and cause engine damage.

This is a glass woven and silicone coated protective sleeve that you slide over your plug wires. However, if the Ignition is to be mounted with the System Controller paired in the top mounting position particular attention should be paid to the heat around the units.

In this stacked position it is recommended that the units be mounted inside the vehicle cabin. Page 6 If there was no spark with the full system connected, but there is spark when the Power Grid 7, PNis tested by itself, there is likely an issue with either the wiring connections or the System Controller, PN Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly.

If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. Image is a representation of this item. Actual item may vary. Change Currency. Loading Today Estimated International Date Check Fit. Brand: MSD Ignition.

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Manufacturer's Part Number: Part Type: Timing Controllers, Electronic. UPC: Circuitry: Digital. Controls Ignition Advance: Yes. Controls Ignition Retard: Yes. Stages of Ignition Retard: 5. Controller Activation: RPM activated.

msd power grid installation

Adjustable: Yes. Adjustment Style: PC. Ignition Box Required: Yes. Compatible with Multiple Coil Ignitions: Yes. Quantity: Sold individually. Notes: Programming must be performed with a laptop or PC. While they're compatible with all MSD ignition boxes, they've been specially designed to mount on top of the Power Grid 7 ignition box.

I have a Customer Service question order, shipping, returns, etc. I would like to ask other customers a question about this Product. Glen, if you have an old 7A ignition box that does not have an RPM chip plug-in then the rev limiter functions of the Power Grid will not work. All other programmable functions will function but the rev limiter will not. Not sure of your question.

But if you was to set certainty limiters it is possible using this uni t.

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This will allow you to use the Controller to manage your launch and rev limits.For a long time now, MSD Ignition has been making ignition systems for the fastest drag cars on the planet. The latest product from MSD — the Power Grid — is the next evolution of the programmable, 7-series ignition controllers. The system includes two parts; the Power Grid system controller and the Power Grid 7 ignition controller.

Inside the shiny red case of the system controller device is a bit microcontroller, and a new software program called MSD View. The device is also USB compatible with Windows-based software to allow the racer to program the ignition with their computer. The installation process for the Power Grid is simplified as much as possible by MSD, thanks to the CAN-BUS system of wiring that allows for reduced wiring and to permit the addition of accessory modules easily.

The Power Grid works best with the new Power Grid 7 ignition controller. Both electronics hook directly to each other and can even be bolted together. One of the burning questions in our mind when the Power Grid system turned up was — why.

MSD already has one of the most popular and successful programmable ignition systems in drag racing with its system. So why come out with a new system that will sit above an ignition that has been so successful?

The goal was really ultimate timing control that would work for anyone that needed it. Even though the still sell well, we knew we could improve, so we did. We can either send out a software update that allows it or design a new module to plug into the system if hardware is needed. This particular ignition has a higher output than other current programmable units on the market today.

When you purchase the Power Grid controller, it will come with the hardware needed to mount it and get things started. Included is the View Software, wiring harness, microSD card, and the mounting hardware.

The ignition is sold separately.

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The launch retard can be triggered of a trans-brake button to aid with power delivery during launch. The Power Grid has some impressive programming features, and the USB connectivity is what makes tuning so easy. The racer only needs to plug in a Windows laptop and they are ready to program. The programming features allow the timing to be changed based on the engine RPM and gear value.

Timing can also be advanced on each individual cylinder based on timing or gear. There are five different retard stages for racers running nitrous, and you can dial in four steps of RPM limits with settings for burnout, spool, launch, and overrev.

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Shift light settings can also be set for each gear, and the ignition data acquisition accepts multiple runs. Ignition timing can be controlled on a per cylinder basis, allowing for a leaner cylinder to run a different timing curve than the rest. There are several other accessories that can be used as well that were briefly mentioned before.

It is required to connect any accessories to the system controller. MSD offers a free download of the software with a sample file to allow racers to play with the software and see how easy it is to use and program. The software allows racers and pit crews to import data from previous runs so that the RPM settings can be checked allowing a look at historical data to see what worked and what needs to be changed.

The cool part about this data is that points on the graph can be plotted to perform actions, like not allow the engine to hit overrev if the tires lose traction a second into the run. That will help stop the tires from spinning and allow the vehicle to get traction and finish a run.

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